Tenancy, Pupillage & Mini Pupillage.

Established practitioners

Rowchester Chambers welcomes applications for tenancies from established practitioners. All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence and should be made to the Senior Manager. To be selected for a tenancy at Rowchester Chambers an applicant must demonstrate all of the following characteristics to a high degree in compliance with chambers criteria.  

1: Ambition and commitment to the profession and a career at the bar.

2: Commitment to the maintenance of the highest professional standards.

3: Confidence and strength of character including the ability to develop and maintain a good rapport with professional and lay clients and the ability to stand up to the Court where necessary.

4: Sound and comprehensive legal knowledge particularly in area(s) of intended practice.

5: Analytical ability both factual and legal.

6: Skill in oral advocacy commensurate with experience

7: Skill in written advocacy commensurate with experience including the ability to produce accurate, clear and well structured Advices, Statements of Case, Skeleton Arguments and other documents.

8: Appreciation of and ability to cope with demands of successful practice at Rowchester Chambers including organisation of work, time management and the ability to meet deadlines.

9: Good judgment, common sense and tactical sense.

10: Commitment to working from a Birmingham base. 



Chambers is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and is registered with The Bar Standards Board. The policy of Rowchester Chambers is to offer one 12 month funded pupillage per year (subject to budget) with the emphasis on quality and ultimately tenancy. That pupil will have a sound 2:1 degree or above and a Very Competent. Chambers do not encourage speculative applications. All vacancies and closing dates for applications are advertised on this site in accordance with requirements of the Bar Council.

All applications should be by Curriculum Vitae together with manuscript covering letter (accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope) addressed to the Senior Manager and not to any individual by name. The selection process begins with a sift of the applications received in response to an advertised vacancy. A shortlist of candidates is drawn up, and those candidates will be invited for interview. The pupillage committee will try to ensure that the same interview panel deals with each candidate. After the first round of interviews, a second shortlist is compiled. Those candidates will be invited to attend assessed 3 day mini-pupillages during which time the candidates will spend time with a number of members of chambers and will be asked to complete a piece of written work. Depending upon the particular field a final round of interviews may take place.

The current twelve month pupillage remuneration package is worth £12,000.00 plus travelling expenses and compulsory courses.

The pupils supervisor will have ultimate responsibility for the training and guidance given to the pupil during his/her 12 month pupillage. The pupil supervisor will ensure that he/she is contactable in order to deal with any queries the pupil may have in relation to any aspect of a case the pupil may be working on.  

Pupils will spend most of the first three months with their pupil supervisor. Frequent visits to courts and tribunals, sitting in on conferences, legal research and the drafting of statements of case and opinions are the features of a pupillage at Rowchester Chambers.

During the third to sixth months of pupillage, pupils will spend more time with other junior members of chambers (still under the supervision of their pupil supervisor) to gain an insight into the work they will receive in their second six months.  

Once the second six months of pupillage begins, pupils can expect to appear frequently in court and may receive some instructions in their own name. Every step is taken by the clerks to provide support to pupils at this formative stage of their careers and members of chambers are always at hand to provide guidance and help as is the pupils supervisor. Each pupillage is monitored and the pupil will attend regular weekly meetings to discuss and assess progress.

Towards the end of the second six months, consultation about offering the pupil a tenancy will take place between the clerks, the pupil supervisor and other members of chambers, the outcome of which will be announced to the pupil prior to the expiry of the pupillage.

The pupil will be provided with a "Pupillage File" as provided by the Bar Standards Board.


Pupillage Openings

There are no Pupillage openings at the moment.



Chambers is pleased to offer mini-pupillage opportunities to candidates who are able to show a strong commitment to the Bar.  All applications shall be addressed to Hassan Sarwar, Mini-pupillage Co-ordinator, and shall be considered on their merits.  Applications must take the form of manuscript cover letter and CV. 

All applications must include an email address.  In the event an application is not made in the proper format, it shall not be considered.  It is anticipated that successful candidates will have commenced undergraduate studies at Law; however there are a limited number of places available for those who are yet to commence any relevant legal studies. 







The Crime Team represents a long history of practice in this field of work both in prosecution and defence. It includes a number of practitioners whose work is exclusively crime.

Members of Chambers undertake a wide range of criminal cases in both the Crown Court and Magistrates Court, ranging from minor offences to the most serious and complex cases.

Those at the senior end are typically engaged in cases involving offences as diverse as murder, sexual abuse, drugs importation and serious fraud.

Family Law

Our team offers a friendly, reliable and efficient service in advocacy, negotiation and client care.

We have a range of specialist and experienced barristers, in all areas of Family Law, appearing in cases from the Family Proceedings Court to the Court of Appeal. The team regularly acts for children, parents, local authorities and other family members.

Aspects of Immigration and Criminal Law feature increasingly in Family cases. Our Immigration team is highly respected in its field and the Family team benefits from members within it who also practise in Immigration. Similarly, some members of the Family team have expertise in Criminal Law. This provides significant advantages to both our professional and lay clients.

Work covered includes:

  • Care and Adoption Proceedings
  • Private Law
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Abduction/ Removal from the Jurisdiction
  • Ancillary Relief
  • Human Rights Cases



We have a long history of association with the fields of Immigration and Asylum work. Current members of Chambers hold judicial appointments in the Immigration Appellate Authority and the Tribunal and now in the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

Our team are well known and well respected by the judiciary, instructing solicitors, fellow members of the Bar and lay clients as being user friendly, well prepared and thorough and skilful in both their advocacy and in respect of paperwork.

Civil Law

Our Civil Team offers a group of practitioners covering a variety of areas of civil practice.

Individuals have vast experience in various fields which include:

  • Professional negligence
  • Contract claims
  • Wills and probate
  • Landlord and tenant
  • Other real property disputes
  • Personal Injury
  • Employment